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Why did we start a Private School?

This is exactly the question we asked ourselves when we started. How can we correct the shortcomings in our woefully outdated education system? What can we do as teachers that will improve a child’s life as well as give them the confidence and means to succeed?

Children of today will be involved in careers that haven’t been invented yet, and the only way to guarantee their success is to give them an unshakable grounding as well as solidify their self belief. We felt a public school environment is not conducive to these goals, for children to blossom they need focused individual attention that we can only provide in a Private School setting. It is a space that allows parents to see the worth they are investing in their child’s future that goes beyond mere monetary value.

During our time working and learning overseas, we gained a far greater understanding of how children learn and what it takes to ensure they have the correct education. One of the greatest lessons we learned was how to create a unique curriculum designed to cater for your children’s needs, by taking the best and most positive aspects of many different and varying curricula.

What does this all mean for your child’s development?

Our Hub is unique in its approach as it utilises these global concepts to provide an authentic learning experience you won’t get anywhere else. This authenticity will instil confidence, respect and acceptance of themselves, and those around them.

We are witnessing a revolution in the education sector all over the world, and we believe it is our duty, as educators, to prepare our children’s generation for the increasing demands that await them in this increasingly competitive world.

Teachers & Children at Clever Kids
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Our Learning Hubs

At Clever Kids we believe that for children to have the optimal learning experience, that caters to their individual needs, their exposure to teachers should be maximised. Our aim is 1 teacher per 12 students maximum, as we have found that this results in the most positive, supportive environment in which children learn.

Clever Kids Learning Hub caters for all children from age 3 years old through to Grade 12. Our school is split into three, our Pre-School, Clever Clogs, a Junior Hub and a Senior Hub.

Clever Clogs Pre-school

Our Learning Hub believes that when we play we are happy and when we are happy we learn. We have realised the absolute necessity of using an approach that emphasises play, creativity and child-led discovery. Each child comes with their own sense of wonder and it is our job to encourage and ignite it. The Reggio Emilia approach is based upon the following principles:

  • Children have the opportunity to have some control over the direction of their learning.
  • Children have the opportunity to learn through sensory experiences of listening, touching, moving and observing.
  • Children learn through relationships with other children and the adults in their world.

Clever Clogs Pre-school’s philosophy is consciously changing the traditional way of education in early childhood. We use the triangular approach by involving the parents, the teacher and the child in the learning process. We encourage each parent to be actively involved in their children’s ideas and interests so that there is a collective atmosphere of community building between the school and home.

Junior and Senior School

Our Junior Hub accommodates our Foundation Phase, Grade 1 to 3, where we focus on teaching foundational skills to our children. A particular emphasis is put on learning to read, understanding what is being read and learning to write, in order to create stories as well as to express what has been learnt.

Our Senior Hub focuses on Grades 4 to 12, where we teach our students to extend their content knowledge and their application of that learning. While this remains play-based, and emphasis is still put on fun, we begin to find a more personalised learning structure that caters to each student’s individual style of learning.

Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world”. One of our aims at Clever Kids is to prepare our students for the International GCSE and AS Levels Programme in Grade 10 – Grade 12, however the true foundation of this work begins in Grade 1. While we always focus on understanding, it’s not enough to know that one plus one is equal to two, we ask the students, “why is that the answer?” We encourage them to explore both the questions and the answers.

Grades offered

Clever Clogs will be split into two different age groups. Our Nursery class will be ages 3 years to 4 years and our Grade R class will be ages 5 years to 6 years. There will be a teacher and an assistant in each class to facilitate each child’s discovering and learning. The Nursery class is entirely play based and the Grade R class will lay the foundation perfectly for our Grade 1 at CKLH.

The art studio (“The Atelier”) is a fundamental part of a Reggio Emilia approached school. This will be available to all the children, providing the opportunity for interaction between all ages.

In Grade 1 we focus on laying the foundations to learning, as the focus at Clever Kids is always on understanding. A particular emphasis is put on learning to read, understanding what we read as well learning to write in order to create stories and to express our learning. Education is not only about reading, writing and doing sums. Clever Kids kids are exposed to many more subjects which encourages their imagination and love for the greater world around them. This includes Human Anatomy, Botany, Zoology, Geography, History and Literature. These foundations to learning are practised in all subjects. Added to this, focus is put on promoting the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of all kids through play-based learning.

In Grade 2 and Grade 3, the focus is on reinforcing and practising the foundations and subjects introduced in Grade 1. These next two years are all about learning to apply this knowledge and skill set in all learning areas. Our Kids begin to work in groups and are exposed to working as a team and learn to problem-solve together. Thinking skills becomes an integral part of their curriculum as it focuses on the mental process that is applied when we seek to make sense of experience. The kids also begin to learn to touch type, a very necessary skill in the 21st Century.

In Grades 4, 5 and 6, our Kids extend their content knowledge and the application there of. While learning still remains play-based and an emphasis is still put on fun, the kids begin to find a more personalised structure to learning that caters to each of their individual style of learning. In this phase a more differentiated approach to learning is the focus, as each child seeks to find their own style of expression and understanding.

Grades 7 to 9 are the phase of learning where independence, work ethic and time management becomes the central focus. The students are set project based tasks to learn and practice these skills. They also begin to work towards their subject choices for their final three years of schooling. In the Senior Phase, the students start to take formal assessments in each subject, but it remains weighted towards continuous assessment, with a 30% formal assessment, i.e. tests and examinations, and 70% continuous assessment. This helps to expose them to the conditions of a formal exam that is required for the International GCSE and AS Levels.

Grade 10 is where our students begin embarking on their Senior journey with the International GCSE online programme through the Imperial International College. Clever Kids Learning Hub provides the space, connectivity and educational management of each student. It is compulsory for each student to take English Language, Mathematics and a second language (Afrikaans or French), and two other subjects from the list below.

Computer Science (not available at AS levels currently), Biology, Chemistry (not available at AS levels currently), Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, Geography, History, Physics.

By 2020 we will have our first Grade 12’s, who will then choose either the AS levels pathway or the American GED programme to complete their school leaving certificate.

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