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The ADHD diet for kids


Sneaky sugar Sugar has become more and more of an enemy to our children's diets as the food companies sneak sugar into EVERYTHING! The next time you are shopping have a look at the sugar content of everything you buy - grams per 100 in the carbohydrate section of the food label. Most things have at least 10g - 2 teaspoons! Protein, protein, protein! Protein can prevent surges in blood sugar. So, a sugar surge gives us a lovely burst of happy feelings and energy but then a very quick slump afterwards. Protein also makes neurotransmitters!! These are the things [...]

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The impact of emotional abuse on the next generation


The impact of emotional abuse on the next generation Written by: Lieze Puren, Nikki Carstens and Esmarie Carstens IQ, EQ, fitting into boxes, thinking out of boxes, round square education, critical thinking, creative thinking, learning styles, flipped classrooms…. These are just a few of the buzz words being currently thrown around amongst educationalists, academia, schools, parents and educational institutions. As a society, we are so focused on changing the way we educate our children in the 21st century, but somehow everything seems to be exactly the same as twenty years ago. Many theories and papers have been written about this [...]

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Vegetable Garden


Clever Kid's vegetable garden. The children have all been busy planting out the seedlings. One of our visions at Clever Kids Learning Hub is to teach the children about how and where their food comes from. We believe that by showing them how to grow a variety of vegetables this will give them a tangible experience of this. On a beautiful sunny day the children prepared their patch with pot soil and planted out the seedlings. We now have spring onions, peas, spinach and carrots growing. We hope that an abundant crop will grow and that we will all get to share the delicious produce. [...]

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My Thoughts On Clever Kids Learning Hub


Our school: The building is actually pretty big, and there is lots of room for all of us to learn and play. Where we have our break time, is constantly being improved and making it more fun for all of us. We already have a big pool that we can use in the summer and on really hot days. I’m really excited to see what will be coming in the future. We have lots of fun on the jungle gym and we have lots of space to play, we also have a dog as our mascot, his name is Waffles.   What our activities [...]

My Thoughts On Clever Kids Learning Hub 2018-04-15T14:19:04+02:00

Careers Day


Clever Kids Careers Day. The children presented their ideas about their future jobs to us all. “What difference do you want to make? Where do you want to live? What experiences do you want to have and how would you want to do your work one day?” These were just a few of the questions our Clever Kids discussed with the rest of their peers last Friday at our first careers day. We are forever astounded by the ‘out of the box’ creativity and initiative our children take when it comes to making smart career choices. In a world of fierce competition, it is our duty [...]

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Our First Month


Our first Month Who would have ever thought that so many things can happen in 6 months! We certainly did not anticipate the turn of events that could bring about the beginning of something brand new and very exciting. Sometimes misfortune can develop into an opportunity. Although this is not the start we wanted, we have been extremely blessed with the support from so many people. When we decided to start Clever Kids Learning Hub we never imagined that within a 3 week period, so much could be done. Painting, packing, unpacking, building a jungle gym, clearing a garden, buying [...]

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