Careers Day

//Careers Day

Clever Kids Careers Day.

The children presented their ideas about their future jobs to us all.

“What difference do you want to make? Where do you want to live? What experiences do you want to have and how would you want to do your work one day?” These were just a few of the questions our Clever Kids discussed with the rest of their peers last Friday at our first careers day. We are forever astounded by the ‘out of the box’ creativity and initiative our children take when it comes to making smart career choices. In a world of fierce competition, it is our duty as educators and parents to promote entrepreneurial qualities and nurture the skills we teach them.

The children presented their ideas about their future jobs to us all.

“All I want to do is help people to help themselves one day”

“Animals are my life and I want to protect the environment”

“I want to be an inspiration to my friends and other people that might have gone through something similar to me”

Clever Kids Madiba Day.

We celebrated Madiba Day by earning money at home to buy the ingredients for a lunch together.

Clever Kids Learning Hub celebrated this very special day by earning R67.00 each at home. The children did chores for Mom and Dad and brought their earnings to pool together. A shopping list was put together and groceries were bought. Each child spent time in the kitchen helping to prepare a delicious meal.
Cupcakes were made and decorated and a large table was laid. During the cooking time the children sat together and watched a video about Nelson Mandela’s life. Every person that is a part of Clever Kids then sat down together and ate lunch. It was a very special time of bonding, sharing and celebrating.

Impak’s Potjie Day.

Impak is hosting a Potjie Day and Tug-of-war competition for all the centres in Cape Town.

Please join us at Eagle’s Vlei Wine Farm on Saturday 3rd September for the Potjie Day and Tug-of-war competition. The children will be our Tug-of-war team. The fun starts at 9am and will continue until 1pm. This will be a great opportunity for us to build some CK spirit!


We have implemented the DEAR programme on a daily basis. Each child has chosen a book from our library and once a day the instruction to “drop everything and read” is given. It is an amazing sight to see that within two weeks it has now become a very special time. Not a single sound can be heard as everyone is completely engrossed in their books. Thank you to those who have donated books for the children to read. We would love more! If you have any children’s books that are not being used please bring them in for the children to enjoy.

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