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For optimum learning to take place for each student’s individual needs, we believe that a ratio of 1 teacher to 12 kids works best, therefore each of our classes will not exceed the maximum of 12.

We cater for 3 year olds to Grade 12. Currently our Hub is split into two.
Our Junior Hub is for our Foundation Phase, Nursery to Grade 3. Our Senior Hub houses our Intermediate Phase, Grade 4 to Grade 6, and our Senior Phase, Grade 7 – Grade 12.

We prepare our kids for the International GCSE/AS Levels programme in Grade 10 – Grade 12. We begin this preparation in Grade 1 as this is where the foundation begins. Clever Kids uses the Love2Learn curriculum as a vehicle to the International GCSE and AS Levels programme. This curriculum provides a solid preparation for Grade 10 – Grade 12.

Subjects taught throughout Grade 4 – Grade 9 include:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Afrikaans or French as a second language
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • English Literature
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Extra-curricular activities

We teach our kids in ways that encourage them to critically analyse, apply the knowledge and skills they learn and to problem solve. A wide variety of subjects are used, throughout the curriculum, to practice these skills. Clever Kids children come with many talents and attributes that allows them to explore, create and experiment with our curriculum to find their ultimate niche. As part of the development of the whole child, Clever Kids has added to our extensive academic programme a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Cooking Programme

Results of our Cooking ProgrammeThe kids partake in the creation of a meal each week under the close supervision and guidance of our cooking teacher, Theresa Colatruglio. Each month, a different country theme is chosen and traditional meals are whisked up. The kids put the menu together, follow the recipe, learn kitchen safety, team work and how to use each utensil needed. They lay the table, enjoy the meal together and clean up behind themselves. This is a very valuable lifestyle they are learning.

Music Programme

Learner enjoying our Music ProgrammeOur very talented musician, Sonja Love, heads up our Junior Music Programme. The kids are taught about beat, pitch and rhythm while playing musical games and instruments. The musical Stomp Out Loud is used as an inspiration to create their own music from everyday objects. Sonja put together our first Christmas Gig in December 2017 where the kids performed “The Real Meaning of Christmas” to our parent and family community.

Art Programme

Children enjoying our Art Programme

Michele Mocke is our inspirational art teacher who uses a wide variety of materials, artists, skills and textures to create a love of art in our kids. She encourages our kids to express their inner creativity and pushes them out of their creative comfort zone to experiment with different genres.

Gardening Programme

Results of the Clever Kids' Gardening Programme for our Junior Hub

The Junior Hub is learning about sustainable living by creating and nurturing an indigenous garden and making home-made compost. Water safety tips are taught and practised and lots of dirty fun is had. This programme is also lead by Theresa Colatruglio.

Exercise Programme

An energetic Exercise Programme class

Debi Baynes is our energetic and enthusiastic fitness guru. She believes in healthy bodies, healthy eating and is passionate about creating fitness programmes for all ages and stages at Clever Kids. Debi uses yoga, aerobics, boot camp and hiking as some of her methods to help kids achieve fitness.


Our Junior Hub is split into 2 tiers. Clever Clogs Pre-School and Foundation Phase (Grade 1 – 3).

Foundation Junior

In Grade 1 we focus on laying the foundations to learning. A particular emphasis is put on learning to read, understanding what we read as well as learning to write in order to create stories and to express our learning. The focus at Clever Kids is always to understand, not just memorise. A simple analogy of this is: all kids are taught 1+1=2. At Clever Kids, the kids are told 1+1=2, tell me why? In Grade 1 it is not only about reading, writing and doing sums. Clever Kids children are exposed to many more subjects that encourage their imagination and love for the greater world around them. This includes Human Anatomy, Botany, Zoology, Geography, History and Literature. These foundations to learning are practised in all subjects. Added to this, focus is put on promoting the kids’ social, emotional, physical and intellectual development through play-based learning.

Middle Junior

In Grade 2 and Grade 3 the focus becomes solidifying and practising the foundations and subjects taught in Grade 1. The next two years are all about learning to apply this knowledge and skill set in all areas. The kids begin to work in groups and are exposed to working as a team and problem solving together. Thinking skills become an integral part of their curriculum as it focuses on the mental processes that are applied when we seek to make sense of experience. The kids also begin to learn to touch type, a very necessary skill in the 21st Century.

Intermediate Phase

In Grade 4, 5 and 6 the kids extend their content knowledge and their application of it. While this remains play-based and an emphasis is still put on fun, the kids begin to find a more personalised learning structure that caters to each kid’s individual learning style. A more differentiated approach to learning becomes evident and used in this phase as the kids seek to find their own style of expression of understanding.

Senior Phase

Grade 7 to Grade 9 is the phase of learning where independence, work ethic and time management becomes the central focus. The kids are set project based tasks to learn and practice these skills. They also begin to work towards their subject choices for their final three years of schooling. In the Senior Phase, the kids start to take formal assessments in each subject but the focus remains on continuous assessment as the breakdown is 30% formal assessment, i.e. tests and examinations, and 70% continuous assessment weight. This is to expose them to the conditions of a formal exam that is required for the International GCSE and AS Levels.

Final Phase

Our Grade 10’s will be embarking on their Senior journey with the International GCSE online programme through the Imperial International College. Clever Kids Learning Hub will provide the space, connectivity and educational management of each student. It is compulsory for each student to take English Language, Mathematics and a second language (Afrikaans or French), and two other subjects from the following; Computer Science (not available at AS levels currently), Biology, Chemistry (not available at AS levels currently) Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, Geography, History, Physics.

By 2020 we will have our first Grade 12’s, who will then choose either the AS levels pathway or the American GED online programme to complete their school leaving certificate.

The Clever Kids Ethos

Each kid learns and expresses their learning and understanding in a different way. At Clever Kids our staff are passionate about providing a platform and a stepping stone for this to take place. Clever Kids has a policy of continuous assessments in our Junior Phase. This eradicates the unnecessary pressure to perform in strict testing environments at a young age. We believe that kids up to the age of 12 years achieve successfully in their academics when they can freely express the way they have learnt a concept and applied it. This gives a true indication to their teacher of understanding.

Clever Kids also has a No Homework Policy, as we believe there is enough time in a 6 hour school day for all the learning to take place and it is not necessary to go home and repeat it. A balanced lifestyle of work and play is of paramount importance to us as part of their full development into a healthy human being.

Clever Kids classrooms are designed to be full of natural light, plenty of resources, warm, colourful and conducive to learning with fun. The kids are encouraged to take regular brain breaks to promote a healthy balance in our school day. Brain breaks include individual brain teasing games, puzzles, critical thinking tasks. The use of the outdoor environment is also encouraged for brain breaks as physical activity enhances alertness and concentration.

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