My Thoughts On Clever Kids Learning Hub

//My Thoughts On Clever Kids Learning Hub

Our school:

The building is actually pretty big, and there is lots of room for all of us to learn and play. Where we have our break time, is constantly being improved and making it more fun for all of us. We already have a big pool that we can use in the summer and on really hot days. I’m really excited to see what will be coming in the
future. We have lots of fun on the jungle gym and we have lots of space to play, we also have a dog as our mascot, his name is Waffles.


What our activities are:

We currently have music on Thursdays, art on Wednesdays and Yoga on other days. The students have a lot of fun doing these activities. I really enjoy playing chess, tag and swingball.
We also occasionally cook and garden (they’re optional.)
I personally really enjoy gardening.
In art we draw, make papier mache, paint and make collages.
In yoga we jog, lift light weights, stretch our muscles and use stretch bands.
In music we learn about rhythm, use musical instruments and musical notes.


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