Vegetable Garden

//Vegetable Garden

Clever Kid’s vegetable garden.

The children have all been busy planting out the seedlings.

One of our visions at Clever Kids Learning Hub is to teach the children about how and where their food comes from. We believe that by showing them how to grow a variety of vegetables this will give them a tangible experience of this. On a beautiful sunny day the children prepared their patch with pot soil and planted out the seedlings. We now have spring onions, peas, spinach and carrots growing. We hope that an abundant crop will grow and that we will all get to share the delicious produce.

Our vegetable patch has been planted.

Clever Kids enjoying the sunshine.

We have all enjoyed the sunshine that the Cape’s winter has been blessing us with on a Friday by swimming and braaing.

The children use this time to bond and to support each other during some well earned break time.

The Importance of Brain Breaks.

This is a post we posted on our Facebook page as it is something we have implemented in our morning sessions.

The children take regular “brain breaks” and use games like Connect4, Traffic-Jam, Go Fish, Colour Code and Dominoes. For those who need fresh air we have Swingball set up and the monkey bars. The most popular game lately has been Go Fish! The children are learning to manage their time with the help of alarm clocks and are now becoming more independent in this. Its refreshing to see the children taking responsibility in organising their morning time slots.

The end of term tests.

The children have done well.

We are very proud of all the effort the children have put in this term. Keep it up for Term 4!

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